Alexander Acosta was confirmed on Thursday to serve as President Donald J. Trump’s Secretary of Labor.  Acosta was approved by a vote of 60-38, according to Employment Law360.

Acosta has held several government positions, having been an NLRB Member, head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, and United States Attorney in South

The NLRB has introduced a new mobile app to educate the public about the NLRA. According to the NLRB, the app “provides employers, employees and unions with information regarding their rights and obligations under the National Labor Relations Act.” The app includes sections describing the rights enforced by the NLRB, along with contact information for

A hearing before a panel of federal appeals court judges is the latest development on the issue of whether the National Labor Relations Board has authority to require all employers covered by the National Labor Relations Act to post a notice informing employees of their right to organize, providing contact information for the NLRB, and

As predicted, the National Labor Relations Board has published a final rule amending its union election process.  The “quickie election” rule, which the Board rushed to finalize before the end of the year, will significantly change the process for contesting petitions for union elections and limit an employer’s opportunities to challenge the process before an

The National Labor Relations Board has just announced it has postponed the effective date of its new rule mandating the workplace posting of an official Notice of Employee Rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The rule had been scheduled to go into effect on November 14th. Now, the rule will be effective on January

The NLRB has advised the public that all employers covered by the National Labor Relations Act (generally all private sector employers) will be required to post a notification of employees’ rights by November 14, 2011. The Board’s August 25th press release, which contains links to the Final Rule and additional information, is reprinted below. The

In J&R Flooring, Inc., dba J. Picini Flooring, 356 NLRB No. 9 (Oct. 22, 2010), the “full” four-member National Labor Relations Board held, “[E]mployers and unions that are found to have violated the Act should be required to distribute remedial notices electronically, such as by e-mail and/or posting on an intranet or the internet,