Labor law issues again have taken a leading role in Washington politics.  As reported on this blog recently, two controversial GOP-supported bills are currently before the House Education and Workforce Committee.  See, NLRA Amendments Introduced in Congress. While their passage is extremely unlikely, given the Democrat majority in the Senate, the issues addressed by reporter Holly Rosenkrantz believes things have been “looking up” for Organized Labor.  Rosenkrantz’s October 29 article cites several recent victories for Labor, including newly imposed federal tariffs on tires produced overseas for U.S. manufacturers, free trade agreements being put on hold and a potential rule change making it easier for airline workers to

House Democrats plan to put EFCA on the House floor for a vote in about a month, a credible source just reported to this blog. We are not sure which version of EFCA will be sent to the floor, but House Democrats, with their overwhelming majority, could seek to pass the full version of EFCA

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U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) pulled the curtains off of his revised version of the Employee Free Choice Act during the September 15 session of the AFL-CIO convention. He announced that his version, which he claims will “be totally satisfactory