Jackson Lewis is a law firm that offers legal advice to employers through the many laws that impact on every aspect of an employer’s decision and ability to develop and implement a comprehensive preventive labor relations program. Jackson Lewis has been retained to offer legal advice to many employers who have succeeded in winning NLRB elections or in averting union elections altogether. Our labor attorneys have represented clients in thousands of matters before arbitrators, mediators, the National Labor Relations Board, state labor boards, government agencies, and state and federal courts. On a daily basis, we offer legal advice and counsel to employers regarding corporate campaigns, neutrality agreements, union organizing, protected concerted activity, NLRB elections, contract negotiations, grievance and arbitration proceedings, unfair labor practices, traditional and third party economic activity pressures (such as picketing , bannering or hand billing), and public appeals, including social media sites, work stoppages, purchase/sales, reductions and reorganizations, as well as the entire range of pre- and post-hire employee relations issues.