The U.S. Senate has confirmed Republican Peter Robb to replace Democrat Richard Griffin as National Labor Relations Board General Counsel.

Griffin’s term expired on October 31, and Jennifer Abruzzo, who has served as Deputy GC since November 4, 2013, has been serving as Acting GC since. For a review of Griffin’s actions during his four years as General Counsel, see What Did National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard Griffin’s Term Mean for Employers?

The NLRB GC is the Board’s chief prosecutor. The GC enjoys significant power to direct, among other things, whether and when unfair labor practice charges are pursued to resolution by the five-member NLRB. The GC also decides the issues on which his office will focus its resources (including what legal theories to pursue or abandon), directly affecting how his and local NLRB offices scrutinize certain issues.

It is possible Robb may instruct Regional Offices to hold in abeyance further processing of some cases that raise issues about which he intends to ask the Board to reverse its position, such as joint employer issues. It also is likely Robb will shepherd cases to the NLRB that raise issues through which the NLRB may reverse some of the employer-leaning precedent of the Obama Board.