Board Member Kent Y. Hirozawa has been reappointed by President Barack Obama to a second term on the National Labor Relations Board, according to the White House.

Hirozawa, whose current term expires on August 27, 2016, is one of three Democrats on the NLRB, along with Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce and Member Lauren McFerran. The fourth current Member is Republican Philip Miscimarra. If confirmed by the United States Senate, Hirozawa’s term will expire in 2021.

The fifth seat on the Board became vacant when Republican Harry Johnson’s term expired on August 27, 2015. President Obama has taken no action to fill that seat. Typically, three of the Board’s five seats are occupied by Members who belong to the same political party as the President. The NLRB can act on matters as long as it has at least three validly appointed Members.

Quick Senate action on Hirozawa’s nomination is not expected. If Hirozawa’s nomination has not been confirmed before the end of his current term, Board-watchers expect that before he leaves, the NLRB will release a flurry of decisions on cases in which he participated.