The U.S. Senate has unanimously confirmed both Mark Gaston Pearce and Brian Hayes to serve as members of the National Labor Relations Board.  This brings the membership at the Board from four to five for the first time since 2007.   

Mr. Pearce has already been serving as a member of the NLRB since April 2010, when he received a recess appointment from President Barack Obama.  Mr. Hayes, a Republican nominee who did not receive a recess appointment from President Obama, joins the Board as its fifth and final member. 

The current composition of the Board therefore is as follows:

1)      Chairman Wilma Liebman (confirmed through August 2011)

2)      Member Peter C. Schaumber (confirmed through August 2010)

3)      Member Craig Becker (serving a recess appointment that expires at the end of 2011)

4)      Member Brian Hayes (confirmed through December 2012)

5)      Member Mark Gaston Pearce (confirmed through August 2013)

Craig Becker, who was given a recess appointment in April, along with Mr. Pearce, was not confirmed in the June 22 Senate action. His nomination for a full term is still pending.  This means Mr. Becker can continue to serve on the Board only until the end of 2011.  Furthermore, Member Schaumber’s term will expire in about two months.  This will leave another vacancy on the Board to be filled by President Obama.  We will keep you posted with any updates on Mr. Schaumber’s replacement.