Yesterday, posted an article about a “leaked” internal document, “Language Tips on Employee Free Choice,” from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

The document shines a light on some of the machinations the SEIU intends to use to make up for the weakness seen in its arguments for the passage of EFCA … we mean the so-called Employee Free Choice Act.  It shows how the Union intends to use rhetoric and “doublespeak” to convince the unwary of the need for Congress to enact its pet bill. 

Some of our personal favorites:

1) Don’t call businesses “Employers”; instead, call them “Big corporations” or “corporate CEOs” or “corporations” or “companies; and

2) Don’t say SEIU or labor “is behind this bill”; rather, say “workers” or “working people” or “working families” are urging the passage of the bill.

The SEIU apparently thinks smoke and mirrors are a substitute for sound arguments.  Let’s hope the Union is wrong.