A press release from the Republican Committee on Education and Labor, “Poll: Quebecers Want to Say ‘Adieu’ to Card Check,” discusses a recent survey finding that Quebecers are unhappy with their existing labor laws, which currently permit the certification of unions based on signed union cards.  The survey found that more than 70% of Quebecers want their laws changed so that unions could only be certified based on the results of a secret-ballot election.  What is more, 80% of respondents in the Quebec survey who were union members felt “card check” should be eliminated and replaced with a secret ballot election system.  This suggests Quebecers overwhelmingly would support existing labor laws in the United States that provide for secret-ballot union representation elections and would reject EFCA’s card check substitute. 

Marcel Boyer, senior economist at the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) said that “Quebec needs to overhaul its legal framework in labour relations, first by making secret ballot voting mandatory when union certification is being sought.”  Mr. Boyer also said such a reform would “guarantee that workers could express their real opinion….”

It seems as if those who have card check can’t wait to get rid of it!