The U.S. Department of Labor on August 3rdproposed regulationsto help implement President Obama’s Executive Order 13496.  

Issued January 30, 2009, the Executive Order requires government contractors to post a lengthy official notice advising employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act to join or form labor unions, as well as to engage in other protected activity. 

The notice requirement applies to all government contractors except for contracts covering work performed under collective bargaining agreements and contracts that cover purchases below $100,000 (at least for now). Failure to comply with the notice requirement subjects employers to potential cancellation of their contract, ineligibility for further government contracts and other possible sanctions or remedies.

The DOL opened a 30-day window for public comment which closes on September 2, 2009. Jackson Lewis is reviewing the regulations and plans on submitting comments to the DOL. For a more detailed summary of the DOL’s proposed regulations and a look at the proposed official notice click here.

President Obama’s Executive Order and the corresponding regulations proposed by the DOL are clear evidence this Administration is intent on federal labor law reform, with or without Congressional legislation, such as EFCA.

What are your thoughts about these regulations? What, if anything, would you change about them? Is providing this type of notice really necessary? If you are a government contractor, what effect do you see these regulations having on your business? Are you going to comment? Is your trade association? And how would you respond to this question? — The proposed notice by the Department of Labor is pro labor – pro employer – neutral or just right? 

We’ll let you know how the responses come out!